The Scoop on Chai Tea Caffeine

There are many benefits of chai tea, but chai tea caffeine can be a concern. Caffeine affects people in many different ways and too much caffeine can disturb the sleep cycle as well as cause nervousness and jittery feelings. Long term use of caffeine has not been fully studied so there is debate about the effects of chai tea caffeine.

Some Facts About Chai Tea Caffeine

Chai tea caffeine comes in different amounts depending on how the tea is prepared. If the tea is long leafed and not cut or ground it produces less caffeine. If you are using cut tea you will get more of a jolt. Also, how long tea is brewed will affect the caffeine content. Tea brewed longer will contain more caffeine.

Chai tea caffeine will also depend on how long tea ferments. If the tea is fully fermented it will contain much more caffeine. Chai tea caffeine can inhibit the enjoyment especially for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

Some Tips

To avoid too much chai tea caffeine it is best to buy long leaf tea, tea that hasn’t been cut into smaller amounts. Brew the tea in the shortest amount of time you can without sacrificing flavor. The hotter the water, the shorter the time needed for a good cup of tea. If you are really sensitive to caffeine try not to drink caffeinated beverages late in the day. It is a good rule of thumb not to use caffeine four hours before bedtime to avoid tossing and turning.

Also, if black tea is a problem you can always use green tea which has naturally less caffeine because it is not fermented like other types of teas such as black tea or oolong tea.

Chai tea caffeine can be reduced or even eliminated without sacrificing the flavor or the experience. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to get rid of caffeine. But even if you have chai tea caffeine, it probably will have a small effect. The effects of caffeine usually last no more than fifteen to forty-five minutes after consumption, although that can be considerably longer depending on the dose. If you are drinking a cup of tea you will probably not get an extreme jolt like you would with some sodas or energy drinks.

Understanding caffeine, both amounts and effects can help you understand how it will affect your body. Don’t be afraid to enjoy a good cup of tea. Chai tea caffeine is low compared to some products and the overall affect is one of relaxation. Enjoy the ride.