The Japanese Tea Set Is Famous Across The Globe

From the very earliest times, the Japanese have enjoyed drinking tea which is a beverage that helps to refresh a person’s mind as well as body and which is especially satisfying after having spent a long day out at work. Tea for the Japanese is a major part of their lives and so it is not surprising to learn that the Japanese tea set is an essential accoutrement in every Japanese home.

Antique Pieces of Japenese Tea Set

There are many antique Japanese tea sets that are available and the ones such as teapots bearing the Tetsubin name are especially pleasing to the eye. These items of a Japanese tea set are made out of cast iron and they embody the best in Japanese culture as well as the Japanese history. Such an item of Japanese tea set has a unique geometric shape and usually also has animals or some form of organic matter decorating the teapot’s side, especially close to the spout.

Today, Japan exports its Japanese tea set to all corners of the world which shows that the habit of drinking tea has spread from Japan and from Asia and that people in different parts of the world is taking to tea drinking in a big way. However, the tea ceremony in Japan is unique and in fact resembles a ritual with sacred meaning and of course this ceremony is also grand as well as very elaborate. It is worth attending such a ceremony and so a trip to Japan could be made more worthwhile if you attended such ceremonies.

Over in the west all the major department stores are sure to have an area that is dedicated to goods (traditional) from Japan and there you will be able to find items such as kimonos and of course pottery and this is where you should be able to also locate some good Japanese tea sets. Of course, a visit to Japan to places such as Kyoto or Tokyo will throw up a plethora of options though not too many people would want to travel to Japan just to buy a Japanese tea set. The Oriental Bazaar in Tokyo too offers good variety though their Japanese tea sets are generally quite expensive.

Reed and Barton silver tea sets are stunning with every item of the tea set being crafted with loving care that in turn helps ensure that such tea sets can easily be considered as valuable heirloom items. It pays to pick items from Reed and Barton for the sleekness of lines as well as striking angles that make the tea set stand out and some are even true masterpieces of craft and design.