The Flawlessly Brewed Thai Ice Tea

If you have tasted thai ice tea then you will soon realise that the making of tea was taken to the ultimate level. Since most people in Thailand have their thai ice tea on the run, it is apparently not due to time constraints but due to the fact that there is no seating place for them to sit and drink it leisurely. Thai ice tea is full of good fruit juices blended with a teaspoon of Thai tea as a base. Some have their tea brews hot while others prefer to have thai ice tea with or without milk. Yes they obviously have their different names for with or without milk in Thailand, as this would be the norm anywhere else in the world too, to help differentiate with the varieties.

Way Too Simple Not To Make Thai Ice Tea For Yourself

When thai ice tea is made, just a teaspoon of finely crushed tea is used per cup. It is placed in a tea sock, which is a very fine material in order to not allow the grains through, and the original hot water is poured over it, and then the tea sock is removed. Sugar and other natural flavourings are added to the brew immediately. Either it is served hot or can be chilled to make that refreshing and cooling thai ice tea that you were yearning for in the first place. You thought it would take extreme methods to make the perfect ice tea recipe for yourself, until you found out how simple it was.

With The Base OF True Thai Ice Tea, The Rest Is Easy!

With the base of genuine thai ice tea being the thai tea, you can quickly create a batch of your favourite flavours to sip on for those extra hot days, not to only quench your thirst but also to give you that cleansing wholesome goodness taste and effects. Thai tea has been known to have various health benefits, besides detoxifying the body of impurities. With the base, you can make energy teas, and more specifically herbal recipes to help with bodily ailments too. The list of what you could do with a good cup of thai tea is unlimited, besides for the imagination. Recipes are available to download over the Internet if you are limited by ideas for yourself. But be sure of one thing you will definitely be making a lot more ice tea than normal tea ever again, mainly for it’s heath benefits.