Smoothness Personified: Vanilla Chai Tea

Chai tea is one of the staples of Indian cuisine. It is the most common of all the tea blends available there and offers a distinctive flavor that can make you feel like you are at a sidewalk café in Mumbai. Vanilla chai tea is a tasty take off on the popular drink.

Where Vanilla Chai Tea Comes From

Traditional chai is made with black tea and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper. When drank hot, it offers a delicious, relaxing experience. Adding a touch of vanilla offers a creaminess that is unsurpassed. The best way to enjoy vanilla chai tea is to brew it, serve it hot with sugar and milk for a smooth, comforting experience. Chai tea caffeine is low, so it will give the right pick me up without making you jittery.

Best Recipes for Vanilla Chai Tea

Gourmet teas can get expensive, but with some basic ingredient you can make a delicious mix that can last a long time. Vanilla chai tea can be made using instant tea along with several other dry ingredients including dry milk, non-dairy creamer(French vanilla), sugar and traditional chai spices. Mix the dry ingredients in a blender to avoid grittiness and store them in an air tight container to have plenty to go around.

If you want to go more high end, you can combine spices and loose black tea and steep it the old fashioned way adding hot milk and sugar for a delicious treat. This will not last as long or make as much, but the taste is incredible.

For the diet conscious sugar can be replaced with sweet and low, Splenda, or any other sugar substitute. Vanilla chai tea can replace more fattening desserts if you have a sweet tooth and there are many health benefits to tea including a good blast of anti-oxidants that can both fight off infections and suppress appetite.

Vanilla chai tea can also be made in an iced tea form. You can use boiling water to steep the tea. Then pour the steeped tea into cold water adding sugar, milk and more water as needed. Just be sure to double the strength of the hot tea as it will be diluted in the cold water and will loose flavor easily. If made right vanilla chai tea can be a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

However you serve it or drink it, vanilla chai tea is a fantastic pick me up and will satisfy body and mind. Whether hot or cold, you can enjoy the benefits and pleasures of this beverage guilt free and easy.