Porcelain Tea Set – Tea Drinkers Of The World Coalesce

When we see a beautiful and well crafted porcelain tea set it brings thoughts of far-say exotic places and long-ago times of tea being transported across the mountains. These well-made sets remind us of the traditional way of life of our forefathers. We think back to smartly dressed Victorian ladies and gentlemen and the famous Boston Tea Party when our countrymen rebelled against the constraints of England.

People love drinking tea and this refreshing beverage comes in many varieties and flavours that appeal to people of different cultures and backgrounds across the world. Therefore, serving tea to your guests in a classically beautiful porcelain tea set gives one the feeling of refinement, class and culture.

Traditional Or Modern, The Choice Is Yours for using a Porcelain Tea Set

The benefits of using or of giving a porcelain tea set as a present to someone are many. In China porcelain has been used to manufacture tea sets for over a thousand years. The reasons for this are because porcelain does not damage easily so chipping or cracking does not happen so often. This means you can buy a good quality porcelain tea set without too much worry that breakages will make your tea set useless in a short time, or that you will have to start hunting for replacement cups and saucers. Porcelain has the ability to keep the water at the temperature it was when poured into the tea pot or cup, so it keeps your tea warm for much longer than with other types of tea sets.

Your traditional English tea set as always been manufactured in a classic blue and white design that is still every popular in Europe and many other countries. Today though, designers of porcelain tea sets create sets in bold, modern colours and designs to appeal to tea drinkers from the very young to the mature. You can choose a set with a plain design in pastel or bold colours. Or you could go for dainty cups with embellishments or maybe the antique look. Whether you prefer traditional or totally modern, the huge variety available ensures that you will find a porcelain tea set that appeals to your personal tastes.

When you decide on buying a porcelain tea set you can decide on a basic set that includes your tea pot, cups and saucers with sugar bowl and perhaps a milk pitcher as well. Of course if you wish to buy a traditional or vintage tea set you could find one with extras such as a special porcelain tea leaf strainer and extra ‘slop’ bowl for those discarded tea leaves or tea bags. The choice is totally yours.