Organic Green Tea and Constitution of a Person

The Chinese say “it is better to drink green tea than to take medicine.” Organic green tea has been a part of their culture since before memory. So, based on modern scientific findings, it is no surprise that the Chinese are some of the healthiest people in the world. Their health and longevity are a testament to their healthy diet and consumption of organic green tea.

Numerous Benefits of Organic Green Tea Probably The best green tea

The science now backs up the anecdotal evidence that organic green tea is a healthy product. The best green tea can offer numerous benefits for persons seeking a healthy lifestyle. Some of these benefits may even be lifesaving.

Organic green tea has been known to have significant risk reduction for esophageal cancer. Other cancers, including skin cancers also seem to respond to organic green tea. This is it is full of anti-oxidants, one of the major natural cancer busters.

In addition there seems to be benefits in weight loss because of the abundance of these anti-oxidants particularly catechin polyphenals. These substances seem to offer a fat reducing benefit as well as lower bad cholesterol.

Organic green tea is full of vitamins that allow the body to fight off infections. Some bacterial infections may be stopped in their tracks for those who consume organic green tea.

There is even a benefit for strong teeth because of the high fluoride content of organic green tea. Using it can certainly reduce the number of cavities. Also, an added benefit is that dental health also promotes whole body health because of the reduction of bacteria and inflammation that have been known to contribute to things as serious as heart disease.

From the entrance to the exit organic green tea offers benefits. Green tea is also beneficial to digestion providing regularity to the bowels. This wonderful product promotes good health for the entire person. Few other dietary products can offer so many health benefits.

Salutory Aspect of Green Tea

Still, not everyone enjoys tea to drink. Have no fear. There are many ways to consume organic green tea. There are countless supplements that offer green tea as an ingredient. In addition, green tea may be added to other foods and beverages in order to up the nutritional value of the product.

While hot tea is a wonderful beverage, there are also iced tea varieties that offer flavour and health in equal measure. Organic green tea with a little honey is a delicious drink and it’s good for you too. We all want to be fit and healthy. These days it is easier than ever to do so. Adding organic green tea to your diet provides a way to make you feel better and live better.