Hassle With Purchasing That Special Ice Tea Maker

As you look around in the shops you will see that there are more and more gimmick goods on the shelves that people can buy for their homes. One of these gimmicks is the ice tea maker. Even though the ice tea maker may seem like the sensible thing to have in your home during the hot summer months, you will soon learn that it actually won’t get used as often as you had hoped.
The day you ran out and bought the ice tea maker for nearly an arm and a leg, just because it also had a really good brand name attached to it, it was only used by you in the first week of owning it, and then the novelty just faded away by the next week.

So two weeks down the line after buying this oh so fantastic expensive ice tea maker, it just stands there now collecting dust. You frown at the ice tea maker every time it catches your eye, thinking surely you could have invested in something more useful for your kitchen than that. You are now not impressed with yourself and your decision, and vow never ever again to just rush out and buy anything in haste.

Your Pal’s Commentary on Ice Tea Maker

Your friends arrive at your house and comment on your wonderful looking ice tea maker, and you just frown again and in the back of your mind think you should offer this ice tea maker to them at a reduced price, or just start rambling on about how much a waste of money it was buying it in the first place.

When you initially bought the ice tea maker, you had thoughts of all wonderful flavoured teas running through your mind, but now you think to yourself you were an idiot as you could have just used what you had in your home already to make iced tea. You had a jug big enough to fit into your fridge, but no you just had to have the latest gimmick on the market being the ice tea maker.
The thoughts of various teas that popped into your mind initially such as lemon, pineapple, berry, or cinnamon spiced tea just made your mouth water at the pure thought of it, but after this lesson you would be making your own thai ice tea rather with what you already have on hand. You vowed not to run out and do such stupid things again, and there you start anyway again purchasing all special blends of Thai tea to start making your own brews.