Green Tea Weight Loss-its actual functioning

If you’re like me, loosing weight is a constant battle. Between temptation and heredity, some of us just don’t stand a chance. Fortunately, science is discovering new insights into weight loss seemingly every day. The latest aid may be green tea weight loss.

Organic green tea-Weight Loss traces its Ancient Origins

Asian cultures, particularly the Japanese have experienced the benefits of organic green tea for centuries. It is a proven fact that obesity in Japanese culture is far less than it is in the west due to diet and tea consumption. Green tea is especially powerful in the battle of the bulge.

Is Organic Green Tea Weight Loss a Myth?

Green tea differs from other teas because it is not fermented before it is steamed and dried. This means it is closer to the original plant in composition and provides more of the benefits than teas that have further processing. Green tea weight loss occurs because it is rich in polyphenols particularly in catechins. In studies, these substances have been shown to have many beneficial effects.

They are natural anti-inflammatories as well as cancer fighting substances. Another benefit is that they also seem to lower cholesterol and fat accumulation. Studies have shown that persons drinking larger amounts of green tea as opposed to other types loose weight at a more rapid rate than those not using green tea.

Organic Green Tea is Not a Magic Bullet:needs to be substituted with a routine

Even with all the evidence there should be a word of caution. The results achieved in these studies involved more than drinking green tea. Study subjects were called upon to watch their fat intake and embark on an exercise regimen. The truth is that green tea weight loss always occurs in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. As good as the results were in these studies, green tea weight loss is no short cut to a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is a major inhibitor to good health and anything that can help us combat the problem is a welcome addition. It is always surprising when folk remedies prove to be scientifically valid. It proves that this generation is not the only generation to have insight into healthy living. Green tea weight loss should encourage us to look at other ancient health remedies in our search for a better way of life. Who knows what may be out there to discover.

It is no accident that green tea has become one of the hot new products to come on the market as more and more people discover its benefits. Maybe, green tea weight loss will become a trend that makes us all more healthy.