English Tea Set: Wedding Shower With A Difference

For any bride her wedding and the events leading up to it is incredibly special. This is her special time, her dream come true and nothing should spoil it. Usually, the type of wedding shower the friends and family of the bride would organise will depend on the type of person the bride is and what her interests are.

An idea that has been gaining popularity is organising a traditional English High Tea as a bridal shower. Now remember, a High Tea is not simply a lavish afternoon tea, this is traditionally the meal that working British people have at the end of the day and combines both afternoon tea and the evening meal. This gives huge scope for organising High Tea as a bridal shower and you can literally serve anything from finger foods and dainty cakes to more robust dishes.

English Tea Set apt To Rejoice a Day To Remember

The focus however should be a spectacular English tea set. Everything else should be organised around the tea serving ceremony and you will make a lasting impact if you choose an English tea set for this memorable event. You can make this a very chick event and serve food that fits in with your chosen theme that you carry through from decorations, types of food and the ambiance you create. Everything you do for this special bridal shower would depend on the bride; it is all about her personal style and likes and dislikes.

Something else to keep in mind; the English tea set you use as the focal point of the event can also be your personal gift to the bride. Using this tea gift set at the shower creates memories for her that are incredibly special and she will remember each person that attended and it takes this day to a higher level for her. It also shows your creativeness and innovation that will be appreciated by everyone who attends the bridal shower.

The wonderful thing is that there are the most beautiful English tea sets available on the market today. You are not bound by one specific style; depending on the bride’s personal taste you can opt for a functional and modern design that will fit in perfectly with the decor of her future home. If she has a whimsical streak, you can find her an English tea set that is nostalgic and brings thoughts of a traditional way of life that is no longer part of our rushed modern lifestyles. It is not difficult to find the perfect tea gift set; there are many reputable dealers that offer English tea sets at competitive prices to suit the pocket.