Coming up With a Chai Tea Recipe

If you love Chai tea, then you are going to want to know how to come up with a Chai tea recipe for Tazo Chai tea or any other type. Fortunately, because this Chai tea recipe is so popular, there are actually quite a few different recipes that you will probably be interested in.

Recipe Ideas For Making A Splendid Tazo Chai Tea

Now if you want a great Chai tea recipe, here is one that you are definitely going to want to try. For it you are going to need 7 cups water, 1 tbsp fennel or anise seed, 6 green cardamom pods, 12 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, 1/4” ginger root sliced thinly, ¼ tsp black peppercorns, 2 bay leaves, 2 tbsp black tea, 6 tbsp honey and 1 cup of milk.

This is a tasty Chai tea recipe that is very simple to make. All you have to do is take a saucepan and combine the first eight ingredients and then you cover and bring to a medium boil for about five minutes. After this you want to turn off the heat, and make sure that you don’t overcook it because this is going to result in a not so nice tasting tea, and then you want to let it steep for about ten minutes.

Now this is not all because after this you want to add the tea and bring it back to a boil again. You want to simmer this for about five minutes and then add some honey or rock sugar and milk. This will make the tea sweeter and taste better. This will make about eight cups and obviously you can double or triple the recipe as you need.

Another great Chai tea recipe is to use 4 slices fresh ginger cut, 1 cinnamon stick, 4 whole cloves, 1 heaping spoon of powdered cardamom, 1 6-inch vanilla bean, dash nutmeg, 1 heaping tsp sugar, 1 ¼ cup honey, 3 Darjeeling blend tea bags, 2 cups water, and 2 cups of milk.

Now you want to bring 2 cups water to a boil and add the teabags and then the other ingredients after that. You want to reduce the heat and then simmer this for five minutes and make sure that you watch the time because you don’t want to let it overcook.

Stir occasionally and then add the milk and bring to a boil, then take off the heat. Strain through the strainer or coffee filters and serve hot or in a tall glass filled with ice.

Chai tea is delicious and you are definitely going to want to try, and you can even head to your local Starbucks to get one.

Everyone Adores A Teapot Set

Tea drinkers are a passionate bunch when it comes to discussing the different teas and which of them are the best possible as everyone has his or her personal favourite and swears by it. Many people immediately think of The British when the subject of tea is discussed.

Yes, they are known across the world as avid tea drinkers, but tea has universal appeal. Americans love their tea as well and the iced teas of the Southern states are world renowned. It is therefore not really surprising that many people have a passion for collection teapot sets. They will tell you excitedly about that very first teapot set they saw and simply had to have.

Teapot set-Collector’s Item, Daily Friend or Family Heirloom

The variety of type of teapot sets today is huge. You can choose from the most delicate bone china, more sturdy porcelain and fine china and glass to ceramics, stoneware and the top of the range silver teapot sets. If you are an avid tea drinker, the most logical choice would be a set manufactured from porcelain, stoneware or ceramics as these are the most durable. They also come in a huge variety of colours and styles that would suit your personal tastes and needs.

For the passionate collector things change slightly as most go in a specific type such as bone china that become an investment as it gains value over time. Or you may wish to collect a specific designer’s teapot sets or a specific brand name as your passion goes.

When it comes to heirlooms; there are many people who treasure a silver teapot set that have been handed down from generation to generation and shown to guests with great pride. For others a single English teapot takes pride of place in their collection or a treasure that great-grandmother brought with her across the sea journey from England more than a century ago.

Antique, Traditional Or Modern, The Choice Is in Your Hand

When you want to purchase that teapot set you have been looking for and you are not sure what you want, an online search will give you all the information you could wish. You should have a look at some of the extraordinary antique sets that are available to see the superior craftsmanship. Then also there is such a great variety in both traditional and modern teapots sets that you can satisfy your personal tastes. You can find a set to fit in with your decor easily and in manufactures in the materials you prefer.

Tea Is Not Merely Tea With Stainless Steel Teapot

Did you know that a friendly visit which you think of as a social gathering might be more that just catching up or spending time together? If you often have many visitors it might happen that there is that special something that keeps them coming but well if you do not you might just need a little touch around your kitchen.

Tea can be more than just tea. The teapot you serve your tea on or the color your tea is, are the little things you probably will not make a fuss of but your guest will.
Because tea is more than just tea to your guest you may need a teapot that will do the job before you say or do anything. This is when stainless steel teapot comes to your rescue. Stainless steel teapot does not need the company of a silver tray or an Italian stylish tea set to give you an upgraded status reflection; it just does the work on its own.

However, if you may happen to need the stainless steel finish to keep your guests talking, you can go for a teapot set and add more to your world. Depending on the contents of the set; it might include a matching sugar bowl and a spoon. Stainless steel teapot is perfect for an impromptu tea party or afternoon tea

Stainless steel teapot can be an ideal gift to a newly wedded couple or a Christmas present. It also is a nice piece of furnisher to keep on your office both as a decorating unit and a handy tea and lunch time object.

Astounding and Thrilling Design and features of stainless steel teapot

Most stainless steel teapot units are made up of heavy weight stainless steel that weighs up to Twenty-seven ounce. Because of the stainless steel finish, the surface does not show fingerprints, water marks or tea stains from the outside and the inside too. Stainless steel teapot has a removable stainless steel infuser basket and brushed stainless steel surface. The infuser gives you an option to use loose leaf tea.

Stainless steel teapot has a drip-free spout and a handle designed to stay cool when pouring tea.
It is stylish, very cute and dishwasher safe. Stainless steel teapot has a nice finished construction and is very shinny that you will rather keep it on your display than on the dish cabinet.
Even if you will not do it for someone else, this is one of the little goodies you can pimp up your kitchen with and actually feel good about it.

Antique Teapot: Where Did It Really All Begin?

Before you next go and buy an antique teapot it might be a good idea to learn where their story all began and where they came from. Not many tea drinkers have the time to wonder just how the antique teapot first came into existence because they are content with pouring tea from a modern teapot and don’t expect or want too much other than to enjoy a nice steaming cup of tea. What’s more, even historians are not absolutely sure about where the first antique teapot was made or how it was used.

Little Town In China where lays the Foundationstone of Antique Teapot

There are of course many theories and these are mostly believable. The sixteenth century seems to be time of the start of the real antique teapot and it is believed that these excellent items were first used in China in a town there that goes by the name of Ishing where the first teapots were used and which were also at the time very small in size.

The early Europeans referred to these real antique teapots as a Boccarro after discovering them as they were sent to Europe along with tea made in China. The term Boccarro of course is Portuguese and refers to anything with a large mouth, which is how the early real antique teapots looked like.

However, others actually discount the theory that the first real antique teapot was made in China because the Chinese tradition of drinking tea involved brewing the tea in the cup from which it was then drunk. This practice is still being used in many restaurants all across China and so there is merit to this allusion that the first real antique teapots were not in fact made in China.

Another theory regarding the origin of the real antique teapot can be traced to Islamic practice of using pots to brew coffee which gave rise to the practice of brewing tea in pots. Regardless of the real origins of the antique teapot, you would do well to look for some of these that date to the early nineteenth century because the varieties available from that period are truly remarkable and include the best of the Victorian era and some of the more novel antique teapots from this period include the Art Nouveau, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance and a few others as well.

The best example of a stainless steel teapot is the excellent Nio Collection. These pieces embody excellent geometry and in terms of ergonomic value they stand out for being rather uncomplicated though very nice to look at and are also very practical. There are few, if any other such teapots that can match the Nio Collection and so it pays to put your money down to buy just these as you are assured that you won’t ever regret your purchase.

Electric Teapot: The Terminus Of Boiling Water On A Stove?

Electric teapots have almost completely replaced the old fashioned teapots. In fact, no one today has the time or patience to wait endlessly for water to boil slowly on a stove and even boiling water in a microwave does not offer the same benefits as do using an electric teapot. If you love your cup of tea then you will soon realize that there is nothing quite as effective in boiling your water as an electric teapot.

More Convenient is an electric teapot

The electric teapot provides greater convenience of use and in fact is also very simple to use as well as heats up water a lot more efficiently as well as rapidly than other ways of boiling water. This might not seem to be such a big deal if you only occasionally sip a cup of tea; however, for heavy tea drinkers the electric teapot can prove to be a real boon, especially, if it is also of larger capacity.

A regular electric teapot will generally be good for heating up to four cups though the larger sizes ones will generally be useful for warming about eight cups of tea. That means that depending on the numbers of people that you intend on serving at a single go you can choose your electric teapot according to its capacity and your requirements.

Also, you need to factor in your lifestyle before buying such teapots as you don’t want to purchase something that is at odds with the way you live your life. Ideally, you should look for an electric teapot that can switch it off automatically which means that while the water is boiling you can do some other tasks instead of having to concentrate on keeping track of when the water will reach a good boil.

Even if you forget about when the water should have boiled the electric teapot will automatically shut it down once water has reached boiling point and so there is little risk that you will have damaged your teapot. What’s more, there is little to worry on account of starting an accidental fire because this is one risk is well taken care of when the teapot switches off automatically.

An antique teapot is certainly a desirable item that holds a special place in the hearts and minds of every tea lover. Every such teapot has a bit of history attached to it and it also makes for a more unique item that can make drinking your tea an act that is a bit more special.

Organic Green Tea and Constitution of a Person

The Chinese say “it is better to drink green tea than to take medicine.” Organic green tea has been a part of their culture since before memory. So, based on modern scientific findings, it is no surprise that the Chinese are some of the healthiest people in the world. Their health and longevity are a testament to their healthy diet and consumption of organic green tea.

Numerous Benefits of Organic Green Tea Probably The best green tea

The science now backs up the anecdotal evidence that organic green tea is a healthy product. The best green tea can offer numerous benefits for persons seeking a healthy lifestyle. Some of these benefits may even be lifesaving.

Organic green tea has been known to have significant risk reduction for esophageal cancer. Other cancers, including skin cancers also seem to respond to organic green tea. This is it is full of anti-oxidants, one of the major natural cancer busters.

In addition there seems to be benefits in weight loss because of the abundance of these anti-oxidants particularly catechin polyphenals. These substances seem to offer a fat reducing benefit as well as lower bad cholesterol.

Organic green tea is full of vitamins that allow the body to fight off infections. Some bacterial infections may be stopped in their tracks for those who consume organic green tea.

There is even a benefit for strong teeth because of the high fluoride content of organic green tea. Using it can certainly reduce the number of cavities. Also, an added benefit is that dental health also promotes whole body health because of the reduction of bacteria and inflammation that have been known to contribute to things as serious as heart disease.

From the entrance to the exit organic green tea offers benefits. Green tea is also beneficial to digestion providing regularity to the bowels. This wonderful product promotes good health for the entire person. Few other dietary products can offer so many health benefits.

Salutory Aspect of Green Tea

Still, not everyone enjoys tea to drink. Have no fear. There are many ways to consume organic green tea. There are countless supplements that offer green tea as an ingredient. In addition, green tea may be added to other foods and beverages in order to up the nutritional value of the product.

While hot tea is a wonderful beverage, there are also iced tea varieties that offer flavour and health in equal measure. Organic green tea with a little honey is a delicious drink and it’s good for you too. We all want to be fit and healthy. These days it is easier than ever to do so. Adding organic green tea to your diet provides a way to make you feel better and live better.

Green Tea Weight Loss-its actual functioning

If you’re like me, loosing weight is a constant battle. Between temptation and heredity, some of us just don’t stand a chance. Fortunately, science is discovering new insights into weight loss seemingly every day. The latest aid may be green tea weight loss.

Organic green tea-Weight Loss traces its Ancient Origins

Asian cultures, particularly the Japanese have experienced the benefits of organic green tea for centuries. It is a proven fact that obesity in Japanese culture is far less than it is in the west due to diet and tea consumption. Green tea is especially powerful in the battle of the bulge.

Is Organic Green Tea Weight Loss a Myth?

Green tea differs from other teas because it is not fermented before it is steamed and dried. This means it is closer to the original plant in composition and provides more of the benefits than teas that have further processing. Green tea weight loss occurs because it is rich in polyphenols particularly in catechins. In studies, these substances have been shown to have many beneficial effects.

They are natural anti-inflammatories as well as cancer fighting substances. Another benefit is that they also seem to lower cholesterol and fat accumulation. Studies have shown that persons drinking larger amounts of green tea as opposed to other types loose weight at a more rapid rate than those not using green tea.

Organic Green Tea is Not a Magic Bullet:needs to be substituted with a routine

Even with all the evidence there should be a word of caution. The results achieved in these studies involved more than drinking green tea. Study subjects were called upon to watch their fat intake and embark on an exercise regimen. The truth is that green tea weight loss always occurs in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. As good as the results were in these studies, green tea weight loss is no short cut to a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is a major inhibitor to good health and anything that can help us combat the problem is a welcome addition. It is always surprising when folk remedies prove to be scientifically valid. It proves that this generation is not the only generation to have insight into healthy living. Green tea weight loss should encourage us to look at other ancient health remedies in our search for a better way of life. Who knows what may be out there to discover.

It is no accident that green tea has become one of the hot new products to come on the market as more and more people discover its benefits. Maybe, green tea weight loss will become a trend that makes us all more healthy.

What are the Benefits of Green Tea?It’s The question of authenticity

So you know that there are benefits of green tea, but you are just not sure what? Of course one of the most talked about and major benefits of green tea, is the green tea weight loss that you can experience. Even if you have pounds that you have tried for years to get rid of, you may be able to get rid of them and get into perfect shape with the help of green tea.

Of course before you can get any weight loss from green tea or reap any of the other benefits of green tea, you are going to need to learn more about it and just why it is what it is.

Green Tea weight loss;amazingly gr8

Researchers have known for years that there are ingredients in green tea that are astounding and which are great for your health. Not only have there been benefits of green tea linked to weight loss, but as well serious health conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, impaired immune function, and cardiovascular disease.

This is pretty amazing, especially when it is thought that you can take advantage of the benefits of green tea just by drinking a glass or two of it a day. Even if you don’t really like the taste of green tea you can still get these benefits, as there are green tea pills and green tea extract available that you can take which offers the same great benefits to your health.

The secret to the green tea and why there are so many green tea benefits is that it is rich in catechin polyphenols, especially the EGCG which is a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant is able to kill cancer cells in the body and other harmful cells that are up to no good. This means that by drinking green tea on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your body clean and healthy.

If you are looking for green tea extract or other green tea products, you can generally find them at any health food store. Just make sure that you read through the list of ingredients first, because you want green tea to be listed as one of the first ingredients. Otherwise it is not really a green tea product at all, but rather one that only has a bit of green tea and which is thus not going to be as effective.

Of course just drinking a glass of green tea at home is probably the most convenient and effective way.

The Ceramic Teapot Fit For An Excellent Wedding Favor

Weddings are as everyone knows very important occasions that require that everything passes off smoothly and without a hitch. They require careful planning so that nothing is left to chance and so if you are entrusted with the task of planning a wedding function don’t forget to add a ceramic teapot to the list of items for the wedding. In fact, the ceramic teapot makes for a wonderful wedding favor and if you want to impress guests to your wedding then this is the one item that should not escape your attention.

Floral Designs and Patterns of a Ceramic Teapot

However, a ceramic teapot can do more than make for an excellent wedding favor though it must be admitted that such items do make for one of the best wedding favors. Usually, ceramic teapots are decorated with floral designs and they are also very elegant and they make for nostalgic items that when given as wedding favors will help remind guests of that happy day when someone they knew was married.

A good ceramic teapot can be glazed and are also usually painted by hand which ensures that each teapot is unique and this of course helps to make the ceramic teapot an even better choice for a wedding favor. Guests that get these wedding favors will appreciate, among other things, the golden details on these teapots which will only add to the appeal and beauty of the ceramic teapot.

Of course, these teapots are also very well suited for serving guests with a nice warm and invigorating cup of tea and they will also adorn a table very well. The ceramic teapot when placed in a room makes the room appear brighter and a whole lot warmer and it can also suit different themes as well.

Many times the ceramic teapot can actually turn out to be the highlight item of a special occasion. To make them even more special only requires hanging a few customized tea bags from the teapot’s top and have a few words printed on the teabags that can say something cute about the owner of the teapot. If however you need a wedding favor that is different then you will certainly not regret choosing a ceramic teapot for the purpose.

If you have begun to tire of waiting for the water to boil on a stove then you should seriously consider opting for an electric teapot that is more suitable as it gets the job of heating the water done efficiently and quickly. What’s more, such teapots are convenient to use and very simple to use as well.